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The Benefits of Covering Your Pool For The Winter

To Cover or Not to Cover:

The Importance of Swimming Pool Safety Covers & How They Can Save Lives & Your Investment

If you are a swimming pool owner who is still trying to decide whether to cover your swimming pool for the winter months, it's not too late. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is the leading cause of death in children four years old and younger. Small family pets can also fall victim to an uncovered pool. With safety being top priority and protecting your investment a close second, investing in and installing a swimming pool cover will not only give you peace of mind but can save you time and a maintenance headache in the spring.

Fundamentally, swimming pool covers protect your pool from falling or blowing debris and can protect against pool-related accidents. Covering your pool will also protect the shell of your pool in colder weather, making it less likely to crack than it would without a cover. In climates where the sun is a factor, using a pool cover can diminish the effects of the heat fading the paint and drying up or potentially cracking the concrete.

Whether you choose to cover your pool with a solid or mesh pool cover, they are both anchored to your pool deck and are great options for turning a once liquid surface into an impenetrable one. Following simple care & maintenance instructions, especially in regards to water levels during the winter months, will ensure your pool is protected.

Mesh Safety Covers—Mesh safety covers are a good option for the winter months since debris will blow off the top of the cover and the tiny mesh panels will allow any rain or snow to drain right into the pool. This makes it a good choice for pet owners and homes with toddlers since precipitation will not collect on top of the cover.

Solid Safety Covers—Solid safety covers come in different colors and have a more aesthetic appeal for some pool owners. Solid covers do allow rain to collect; however, some solid covers are now available with small drain panels to eliminate this concern.

If you were on the fence about covering your pool this winter, we hope we've shed some light on the benefits of protecting your family and your investment.

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