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5 Pool Landscape Design Ideas

Pool landscape is very important in redesigning our backyard. This adds more beauty to the area and surrounding. Although there are lots of people who find it very difficult and a challenging task. Many homeowners claim that they don’t have enough skills and talents to make a great landscape. So there are homeowners that consult landscape designers to redesign their backyard. Since swimming pools give a relaxing effect to the members of the family, it is considered to be one of the best place for the family where they can get together and spend quality time during holidays and even weekends. This also make the house exterior elegant and luxurious. So we have collected different images of the designed landscape of the known designers. Why don’t you scroll down the page and be inspired to use one of these pool landscape designs ideas from the designers below.

J Design

Green plants not only make this exterior close to nature but assure the homeowner to enjoy the ambiance.

Garden Design

Tall trees, huge stones and great maintenance of the plants in this pool side highlighted the freshness of the water in the pool.

Bonsai Landscape Design

Bonsai plants with the limestone are best suited for the beige color tiles in the pool side.

Small Backyard Landscape Design

For a small backyard like this, the unique shape of this pool together with the bench and the panoramic view is enough to achieve the stress free area.

Landscape in Pool

Different bright colors of the flowers and water falls in the side of the pool adds beauty to this outdoor scene. There are lot of things to consider in improving the appearance of the pool or the exterior as whole. These also give us an idea on what kind of accessories can be used to make our pool side luxurious. We can install proper swimming pool lightings, plants and also water fountain to improve our pool. And the images above have proven us the great advantage of having a creative landscape design to our house concept.



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