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It Is Pool Time! Spring Into Action With These BBQ Tips

Spring is here and what better way to celebrated the beautiful weather than by the pool! Check out these BBQ tips to make things easier.

1). Pre-Freeze your beverages

Freeze bottles of alcohol or juice inside an old fruit juice carton filled with water to create a custom sleeve. Dress it up by adding in some flowers or fruit slices.Learn How Here

2). Use an Onion to Make Your Grill Non-Stick and To Keep Clean


To make sure your food doesn't stick to your grill, rub half an onion on the grates.

Get the tutorial at Skip to my Lou.

3). Use Mason Jars for Tea Light Holders

Add essential oils to the water to create a natural bug repellent.

Get the tutorial at A Little CLAIREification

4). Use a Muffin Tin to Organize Your Condiments

This is a genius way to ensure everyone has the condiments they want without having a ton of bottles on the table. See more at Yesterday on Tuesday.

5). Grill Your Fish On Top Of The Lemons And Or Oranges

When it comes to grilling fish, to keep it from gettin dry and over cooked and to add "Pow" to it, try cooking it on top of the lemon and or orange slices.

The flavor will be so much stronger.

Get the recipe at The Mother Huddle.

6) Make Mess Free Tacos

This has to be one of my favorites as it's so simple yet everyone loves it. Open a bag of chips, add the taco mix and BAM! Get the Full Recipe Here

7). Use Coffee Filter For Hot Dog Holders

hot dog coffee filter

Keeping with the Mess Free this awesome idea is sure t be a hit. Get more here

8). Turn Your Watermelon Into a Beverage Dispenser

This little gem of an idea hits a Home Run with all who come to your parties. Cut the top, remove the fruit, fill with favorite beverage and whaaalaaaa. Learn How Here

9).Make Bowls From paper Plates And Fill With Yummy Berries And Or Other Fruits And Nuts

These are great because you simply thrown them away when finished. Don't try serving soup or even ice cream for that matter. You don't want your guests going home with a mess. Learn How here

Remember Spring is for family, fun, adventure, vacation and BBQ. Get out, Stay Out and Play!



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